Starting Your Own Blog Site Part 2

Hosting the Domain

When choosing a domain host, browse around the web for a reliable company that will meet your needs. Ask around webhost forum sites where you can get a decent domain host. Learn from others about their experiences in their chosen host.

Try comparing each company’s web hosting packages. Starting from the price of web hosting, to the other factors that are also considered in selecting the right web host such as, bandwidth, disk space, security, the scripting language and database that it supported and how many accounts may be allotted for each client, and server specifications. The choice of package will basically depend on the type of website that you are planning to make, whether it is storage or computationally extensive.

Quick Tip: When using WordPress it is recommended that you use a Linux server as your host OS.

The standard pricing for domain hosting that comes with a fair service suitable for a blog site varies from $7.00 to $8.00 monthly subscription depending on the package that is being offered. Some companies will offer a larger storage space with less bandwidth which is also true for the opposite.

Quality and reliability is seldom proportional to the cost of web hosting. Never fall for webhosts that offer ridiculously high storage and bandwidth service for a cheap price. Chances are, they are only using it as a promotion to generate sales, but can’t give you the proper service that you really paid for. Happy host hunting and good luck!

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