Starting Your Own Blog Site Part 1

Choosing a Domain

When choosing a domain always go for the .com. People tend to remember the dot com easier rather than the dot net or dot org. It may be worth a couple of dollars more compared to the other extensions but if you are going to make it big in the online business then this will benefit you more than you know. Some companies have spent millions of dollars just to get the .com version of their domains after they made it big just because they didn’t want to spend a few dollars when they bought the domain.

When choosing a name for the domain, think of something short. Don’t get your hopes up for single word names because most of the more popular words we are using are already taken not unless you have invented a word that you think will work then you can give it a go (an example of this is the billion dollar worth typo “google”) . Try looking for two words or three for the name of your domain but don’t go over four words. You will end up with a domain name that is hard to remember or too long to type. Get a catchy name that you think that others will find it easy to remember and one that will work for you, after all it is your website.

You may also want to think about not using your name for the domain name. If you are planning to sell the site in the future then having your name as the domain will lower your chances of making a sale.

You can visit to check the availability of your domain name and you can find out the owners of the taken domain names in this site.

When you find the right domain name that will suit you, then you can register at or

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