Splush: Customizable Multimedia RSS Wiget

Splush is a feed widget that you can use to showcase your RSS feeds in your blog(s) in a different fashion. The widget looks very 2.0 with animated preview of the feed upon mouse-over. It is very customizable to complement your blog’s design and colors. You can make it fit any sidebar size (up to 500 px max).

The Splush widget can be useful if you want to promote your newest blog on your more popular one. You can also use it in place of your ” most recent posts” widget to give it a cooler web 2.0 look and feel or use it as a dynamic blog roll to display the most recent posts of your favorite blogs. That is if you don’t mind the Splush’s logo under the widget.

Splush also allows you to monetize your feed widget. You can choose to activate monetization in your widget settings. It will display ads on your Splush widget in which you will be paid in a per click basis. You can visit their site to check the monetization details.

Here is the sample Splush widget in case you are wondering what it looks like. This is sized to fit my post 500px in width. You can re-size the widget to fit the width of your sidebar in the widget settings.

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  1. @M.Pence:I was thinking the same thing. I’m still unable to decide if I should replace my recent post with it or my blogroll. LiveWireNews is a news site, I don’t think that it’s very efficient to use it as a dynamic blogroll. In the future perhaps.

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