SpellBoy: Spell-Check The Web

SpellBoy is an online spell-checker tool. If you are a blogger/online publisher, a good spell checking tool is a must-have. Misspelled words can affect the search engine optimization of your website which can result in mis-searches or non-indexing of search engines.

You can use SpellBoy to check spell words that you are unsure of. Sometimes a quick Google search for the word also works. Simply search for the word you want to check. If the word that you typed is misspelled, Google will suggest a correctly spelled word.

If you’re thinking what you need SpellBoy for, since Google, Microsoft Word and your blog editor helps you out with spelling, here’s your answer: SpellBoy can check-spell and entire page for you. You just have to simply enter the URL of the webpage you want to spell-check, and it will return words that it doesn’t recognize as words with spelling errors. By doing this, you can quickly review the found words and make the proper changes if necessary.

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  1. Hello, This seems like this is a old post but no matter. A few search engines are better for specific file extensions than others. One good one that I have found for ebooks and pdfs is http://www.pdfpick.com/ It works perfectly because it has no ads, loads very speedily, and is awesomely designed. Thanks for the post!

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