Sitonomy: Find out what Blogging Tools Others are Using

sitonomy-logoSitonomy is a web service which focuses on helping you find out what technologies are being used in a blog. Sitonomy provides information about the advertising networks, blogging platform, ad management tools, share widgets, subscription service, stat tools, server software and others. It also suggests alternative tools and services that you can use in optimizing your blogs.

You can use the service to check out what other blogs/websites are using. Just type in the URL of the site you want to check out and it will display a list of tools and services that blog is using. A bookmarklet is also available so you can check a blog’s “anatomy” without going to the Sitonomy page to type/paste the URL. It will instantly show you the results once the bookmarklet is pressed.

Sitonomy is great for new bloggers who wants to learn from their favorite site. It’s also great for those who are planning to make a transition from one blogging platform to another and those looking for alternative advertising networks, widgets and tools to better optimize your blog. You can learn from popular websites or experiment with the alternatives.


8 Comments on “Sitonomy: Find out what Blogging Tools Others are Using

  1. @mova nugraha: Thanks. 🙂 Regarding your request, I’m sorry ‘cuz I don’t do link exchange. I placed the Psolenoid tool for the link exchange but they have to be related to the post though.

    @The Net of Inter: You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again here. 🙂

  2. @BaldGuy: The “alternatives” feature is one of the most useful part of the service. You can find out the other components used by other means but it can take some time for others, especially beginners. This is a great starter site for someone who is looking for information about starting a new blog. 🙂

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