SealTale: Social Networking Through Icons

sealtaleSealTale is a social networking tool that allows you to share your interests, inclinations and preference through seal-like badgets. It’s a means to express your online identity by attaching seals to your blog. The process is similar to placing small icons of the social networking sites and blog promotion tools on your blog but in a more gadget-like manner. You’ll also be able to express what you are supporting such as campaigns, political issues and activities that you enjoy doing.

Sealtale is a new-concept SNS, in which the users can meet and network with other users who have similar interests and inclinations.

Our service’s name is composed of Seal (New-concept networking medium) and Tale (Stories told by the users) that form Seal:Tale Seal We, Sealtale, strive to become the medium that connects and weaves together all the one-person media on the Web.

You can create your own seal by placing your blog logo or any image that you want. Adding your interests is as easy as adding icons that relate to the activities, websites and favorite things on earth. Once you have glued your seal to your blog, you can simply seat back and social network through the service.

Sealtale provides two major services. The Tale service or the related postings service functions by filtering RSS tags and selects the postings that are related to the Seal the user has glued on his/her blog or social networking page. The postings are automatically updated to the Tale menu of Sealbook. It’s like an automated social networking service that is updated as you post on your blog or personal social page.

Another purpose of the widget is in the form of advertising. You can easily extend your reach by joining the community and making your contributions available everywhere. If it is related to other postings then they will surely appear on their seal tale.

The application has several more features that can only be explained if you actually use it. For whatever purpose you have on using the service, I’m sure that you’ll find the service quite interesting. It’s a new breed of social networking widget that seems to outdate services like BlogCatalog and the like. Its feature rich, informative and it looks great. Glue a seal now to find out.

SealTale seals

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