Scoutle: The Automated Social Networking Site for Bloggers and Website Owners

Scoutle is a social networking site which targets website owners, bloggers and other social networking site users. One might ask what this particular social networking site has to offer. There are already numerous social sites out there aimed to connect bloggers together not including niche social sites where other bloggers use to promote their websites on. With so many out there the only thing missing is a social networking site for social networks.

So what makes Scoutle unique? What Scoutle does is automatically do the networking for you. They described Automated Social Networking as networking without doing anything, without knowing each other and without the need of communication. All of this is done by web crawlers called Scouts. A scout contains information about the website which is created by the owner. After a Scout is created, and embed code will be given to the owner to be placed in his (her) blog or website. As far as finding networks that suites your blog depending on your given category and the value of your blog, that is all you need to do. The scout will crawl or as they say “walk the internet” to meet other scouts. The meeting will take place on a “stage.” The stage is the widget placed in your blog where other scouts meet and say hi to each other. The number of meetings that your scout makes with other scouts affects the way your site is rated in Scoutle.

Behind the names of Scouts you see the amount of points that Scout has. This actually is a rating. The higher your points, the higher your website is rated. A high rating will be given to Scouts (websites) with high traffic and lots of connections. Connections are made when two site owners agrees to approve each other’s connection requests. A higher rating will give your profile more visibility in your category.

Scoutle is a new and interesting way to promote and get visitors for your blogs. You get to meet other bloggers without actually meeting them, weird but interesting.

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  1. Hi Arcadia Thanks for the inspiring words and I’m glad you find the NASA Post useful. Scoutle is a very interesting social networking site. I’ll stick with it and see what happens. It’s a good way to gain exposure for you site and let other bloggers in your niche know that there is a blog out there like yours. The automated functions takes away the task of finding sites similar to yours. You can find it easily depending on the number of meetings your scout made with other scouts. This makes it easy for potential advertisers to find other blogs. Enjoy the site. 🙂

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