Sa.Yona.La: Dead Simple Blog Service

sayonalaSa.Yona.La is a blogging service that has the least features you’d expect from a blog host. If you’re after cool designs and feature packed blog platform, then you better look elsewhere because it’s not what Sa.Yona.La stands for. It’s an easy solution for those who have something to say to post their articles without the hassle of customization, thinking of blog names and titles.

The things that you cannot do with

You cannot specify your blog title.
You cannot set your account name.
You cannot customize any design.

The things that you can do with

You can post/reply/trackback quickly and easily via a bookmarklet.
Can post anytime by sending email from anywhere.

You can set up two or more accounts easily using open ID
The blog title promotes the brand or what the blog stands for. Other use logos and images to help define their blogs better. The absence of any sort of branding might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but folks who love to write and differentiate themselves through their content and writing skills rather than with flashy designs will find Sa.Yona.La quite interesting. This is a blogging service that will let you speak out and define you online presence through your content and nothing more.


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