Quintura Keyword Cloud Search Widget For Your Blogs

Quintura just released a really cool widget that makes it easier to search your website or blogs. The widget comes with the assistance of a keyword cloud that will display tags within the website of your choice.

If you own a blog/website you can sign up for the free service and make a submission of your URL and/or RSS feed to Quintura. Your site and RSS feed will be indexed and you can start creating and customizing your widget. This will enable users to do a more effective search in your websites/blogs through the use of tags plus the search bar. The widget also comes with the embed feature so that other site owners can embed your tag cloud in their own sites.

The widget/service is quite new and still has room for improvement when it comes to effectively searching and displaying keywords in the cloud. Nonetheless, this is a neat feature that you can add to your sites to give your users easier access to old posts. I have provided a sample of the widget below.

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