Psolenoid: Blog Reaction Linking Tool

Psolenoid is an interesting new service which aims to help bloggers interconnect with each other by linking a post reaction to another post. It kind of works like the related posts that you see displayed on blogs, the only difference with this particular service is that other bloggers can link their related post to your blog entries.

It’s like making a comment without sounding spammy like- ” hey I also wrote a blog post about this topic here’s the link. ” This can only be made possible if both parties have Psolenoid activated on each other’s blogs. It means that if you make a reaction to a particular post, that post’s link will also show up on your own entry.

We call this process “wiring” and it automatically creates a “rabbit hole” or two-way link for audiences of both blogs to visit the other blog post.

Psolenoid will appear at the bottom of a blog post/entry and will look similar to a comment but in a more enhanced manner. It includes a preview of the wired blog post, a short comment introducing the other site and a user profile image. A Psolenoid link also displays a small thumbnail of the image or video included in the post if any is present.

Important FAQ

How does Psolenoid prevent blog spam?
Psolenoid by design is architected to prevent spammers from wiring posts to your blog. Because it uses pull technology to fetch the content it needs for wires, all content needs to come from an actual blog post. This is uniquely different from push technology used in trackbacks which are often prone to spammer abuse. Additionally, Psolenoid users are centrally managed and spammers will be policed.

You have full control on who links to you. User controls are built into Psolenoid’s intuitive user interface. If you wish to sever a wire between your blog and another blog, simply click on the X over the wire to delete it. You can do this either from your Psolenoid account or from your personal page while you are logged in.

I’m not sure on how Psolenoid will affect blogs or this site in particular but I will be activating it here for testing. If you want to try it out feel free to make a Psolenoid reaction with any of your posts on this entry. Remember, once you activate Psolenoid on your blog, it will be displayed on all of your pages.


4 Comments on “Psolenoid: Blog Reaction Linking Tool

  1. This sounds interesting! I currently use Zemanta which pulls in relevant posts on other blogs for you to include (or not) at the end of your post. I do like the having control over places my blog is linked to, so this particular tool sounds like it’s right up my alleyway.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


  2. I also tried using Zemanta. I just don’t like the way that it constantly puts a link(powered by Zemanta) on my posts every time I try to click on one of their recommendations. I see Psolenoid as tool with potential and very interesting, but a tool like this can only be useful if it get’s used by others. As I can see from their blog, other bloggers are giving it a try as well. I’d also like to give it a shot here and see how it performs. Now just to find other bloggers with related posts as mine who uses Psolenoid.

    BTW you are welcome and thanks to you too. 🙂

  3. Ok so the Wired post appears above the comment post right?
    Now not sure… Do I need to login to wire a post? And where do I control posting ?

  4. Yes Roger, it’s the one above the comment. You need to be logged in to wire a post, it will prevent spammers from automatically wiring a post without an account. You can login from your site or their interface. You can also control the wired post (removed wired posts) from your site or your interface. You can test it here if you like. Wire a post here. 🙂

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