PodiPodi Opens to the Public

You may have noticed the flashing black thing every time you visit Orangeinks. It’s a plugin called PodiPodi. In case you missed our review on PodiPodi, it’s a website enhancement tool that lets you upgrade your website and packs it with multimedia viewing features, Google searches and lots of other cool stuff. PodiPodi is embedded in a page as a java-script gadget, but thanks to its unobtrusive architecture it doesn’t change the page layout.

Anyway, I would just like to inform you all that PodiPodi is now on public beta. You can register for free and try out the plugin in your own websites. You can tweak the features inside your PodiPodi account and choose which features you want to be available in your blog or website.

Added Features:

•find: just type in find and some text (e.g. find widget) and PodiPodi will search and highlight for you all the matched words in the page containing the searched text.

•Google Gadgets: this is probably the most exciting update! Now you can customize your PodiPodi with thousands of Google Gadgets and bind them to whatever commands you’d like to give to your users, from weather reports to news or games! If you are a developer you can create your own Gadget, post it to Google Gadgets and embed it in your PodiPodi box.

•admin tools: we have worked on the administration pages, now it’s possible to change the password, the name and URL of your website.

3 Comments on “PodiPodi Opens to the Public

  1. Hi Pratyush, When I first tested PodiPodi in private beta, it loads funny and quite slow so I have to place the script codes on my footer. First, I thought that it has a conflict with my other scripts. Actually, it’s loading quite fast now. Try it out and see how it goes for your site. It’s pretty neat actually.

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