PodiPodi’s Joyful Version

PodiPodi, a website enhancement tool which launched a few months back, just released a new version called the PodiPodi Joyful Version. Users can now choose from the Geeky interface in which you need to type a command in order to open up a service and the “Joyful” where you can browse the service you wish to load.

When PodiPodi was first launched, there were mixed feedback about the service. Some said the service is unnecessary while others gave great reviews and thought that it’s a great enhancement for websites. The old user interface confuses most visitors and it usually takes a while to open up a service. One needs to click the PodiPodi icon or press Shift+Spacebar to load the command interface, type help to see what services are available and load the command interface again so that you can type the command for the service. With the new version, the user just clicks on the icon or press the shortcut key and the choices will be instantly available. You can also type in a letter or the service name and it will bring you to the service that matches the letter/name that you entered.

This is a great upgrade for PodiPodi, even if some of the features from the old interface are still not included. You can head over to their site to check out the old interface. As for the Joyful Version, you can check it out right here. Just click the PodiPodi icon or press Shift+Spacebar after this page fully loads.

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