PingVine: Your Feeds to Your MicroBlogs and Social Networks

pingvine-logoPingVine is an enhanced form of TwitterFeed. TwitterFeed allows you to publish your RSS automatically to your Twitter account. PingVine gives an extra support to other micro blogging service and allows you to publish your blog RSS or favorite site feeds to Twitter, Ping.FM and

You can select which micro blogging service you want your feeds published. Add the feed URL and set the update frequency. With regards to Ping.FM, PingVine posts to, microblog method. Make sure you have at least 1 microblog service enabled within the dashboard.

Services like PingVine make updating social networks and microblogs a lot easier. Just don’t overdo the updates since you can choose from different RSS sites or you might end up losing followers. Imagine adding the RSS feed for Digg’s upcoming page and setting the update frequency to 30 seconds if you know what I mean.


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