PicApp: The Best Free Stock Images for your Blog

PicAppPicApp is a service that provides high quality stock images that you can use on your latest blog posts. You can easily embed the premium and legal photos on your blog posts and use them without worrying about copyrights. The images are updated all the time so you’ll have no trouble looking for the latest and newest images that you can use on your latest articles. You can expect to find up-to-date high quality images whenever you need them.

PicApp has 20 million images from Getty Images, Splash, Corbis and alike, covering sports, news, entertainment, fashion, travel and more. All images are fully licensed and free to use. Images come tagged to improve SEO and promote reader interaction through image photo gallery available with each published image. A built-in mechanism guarantees that each PicApp image is indexed by search engines.

Hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) users can download the plugin so you can add images from your WP editor. If you are running on other blogging platforms, you can simply use the embed codes for each image and conveniently post them on your blogs. You can also select the image size and alignment that is appropriate for your blog theme. You can even download a thumbnail image if you are required to use it on your theme.

If you are looking for high quality images that you can use for free, then pay PicApp a visit. Their accurate search that can be filtered by category and wide range of image collections is surely an attractive feature for every blogger in need of stock images.

Watch the video demo below

Check out the embedded image from PicApp below

Victorious Formula One Racecar Driver

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