Paypal Releases Storefront Widget

storefront1.jpgHave you ever thought of selling something over the internet through your website or blog but failed to do so because you are worried of the technicalities involved in it? Well, worry no more because Paypal just launched the Storefront Paypal Widget. With Storefront, you can create your own online store and start selling on your website or blog.

The widget is very easy to setup. All you have to do is create your storefront in Paypal and upload it to your website. Here are the steps and the features involved.

1. Edit your theme and colors

2. Place in the title of the store and your logo.

3. Enter your store policies. This includes shipping information, Contact information and additional information you might want to add.

4. Place your product. This will require the title or name of your product, amount, description and product image. You can also edit the way your product(s) will display on your widget. You can either show all or a selection of items. You also have an option of rotating product pages which rotate every 3 seconds. Whenever a product inventory is empty you can either choose to show a “Product Sold Out” message or you can hide the product until you have restocked.

5. Open you store. In this part you can either display a “Store Open” or”Store Closed Temporarily” message. Customers can also shop and place orders even if the store is closed if you choose to enable this feature.

6. When everything is ready you can update your storefront then get the html code and publish it in your website.


This Storefront project of Paypal can open a lot of doors to a lot of people who have been meaning to sell something over their websites. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I saw a website swarming with Storefront Widgets selling all sorts of stuff in it.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, we use Paypal a lot and have their debit cards and business account, this is a great widget and I’m going to have to consider setting it up to sell some stuff.

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