OnSugar: Sweet Blogging Platform for the Ladies

OnSugar is a new blogging platform from Sugar Inc, a company focused on creating communities for women. The service is both user -friendly and appealing to the eyes. Equipped with simple but attractive design and easy to use features, OnSugar will certainly catch the casual blogger’s attention, especially the ladies.

What I find interesting about this particular blogging service is that it has a Twitter like “following” feature. You can follow other OnSugar bloggers and get post updates pretty much like in the Twitter community. You can think of OnSugar as Twitter, only bigger.

We’ve made “following” a key part of OnSugar because keeping track of your friends’ posts was how we grew community on TeamSugar.

Aside from their “follow” social tool, OnSugar also has neat blog enhancements like creating magazine-like spreads using the SpreadMaker tool, easy Gallery creator tool and an easy Poll creator tool. Of course there’s the usual text editor, video and audio insertion tools. The editor also allows you to create chat posts where you can insert conversations that are presented on a chat like manner.

If you are looking for a fresh and clean blogging platform, you might want to check out OnSugar. Its community focused features and elegant designs may be just the thing that you’re looking for.

Note: Also check out Posterous, another simple but great blogging platform. Read my full Posterous review.

3 Comments on “OnSugar: Sweet Blogging Platform for the Ladies

  1. You might find this strange, but I don’t know how keen I would be on using a blogging platform specifically for women. Most of the blogs out there that have too much *bling* on them are ‘designed’ by women and I’m using that generalisation to base my judgement on.

    But of course, just because its not for me… it doesn’t mean its not a great idea!

    OT: I like the new theme!

  2. You might find this even strange but I find it very appealing. I registered for an account for testing and thought that it was great. Then I found out that it was for women.LOL. Well, not entirely but it was more focused on the female online community. The tools some of the tools are fashion oriented. So there I, have an existing OnSugar account. hehe. Their “Follow” tool is what interests me the most. It’s like having a local FriendFeed in the OnSugar community.
    Maybe it’s not for all the ladies but I’m sure that there is a fair share of women out there that will surely find this very appealing.

    Glad you liked my new Theme. How about my new header logo? 😉

  3. Ooh yes, I really like the new header logo! Very sleek.

    Re: OnSugar, that is pretty neat… maybe I’ll look into it in a few months lol. I always end up coming around to things later on.

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