Monetize Your Search Box With PredictAd

predictadpng.pngPredictAd is a simple tool that you can add on your site’s search box which will generate an auto-complete feature. Aside from providing a cool tool for your search boxes, PredictAd is really an advertising service rather than a search service. It will enhance your site’s searchbar while allowing advertisements to display while performing the auto complete. This will provide a non-intrusive advertising campaign. The goal is to have the user focus on the area where the ad is being placed, in this case, your search box. When the user starts typing a search query, an auto complete box will appear and assist him/her. Alongside the auto complete results, ads that are relevant to what the visitor is typing will also be displayed. This way, you can create additional revenue and offer your visitors a pleasant and helpful feature at the same time.


The service offers a ready-go-plugins for blog templates such as WordPress, TypePad or Blogger which makes integration a walk in the park. For other templates, a JavaScript version is also available.

Another feature of PredictAd is the SEO service that they are offering for site owners whose insights are drawn from the service’s analytics backend which means you can see reports on what keywords are users using to search your box. You can also take advantage of the PredictAd’s extra feature that allows you to integrate a number of sister sites in a single search box.

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