[Kwout]: Easy Screenshot and Annotation Service

[Kwout] is a web service which allows you to capture portions of websites and turn them into an embeddable image with annotations and active hyperlinks. The image map is totally optional but wouldn’t it be cool to leave it activated? It will allow your users to navigate your “kwouted” images. Of course, if you feel that the image map is unnecessary, you can always turn it off in the settings.

To Kwout a page, just place the URL and press the kwout button. The Kwout editor will appear where you can select the portion of the page you want. Just press the cut button if you are satisfied with the selection. From here on, you can make changes to your kwouted image. You can choose to go with the original cut size or place a fixed width to fit your blog. You also have options to change the decoration of the image such as giving it round corners, placing shadow, border and changing the background color to complement your website design. You can also prevent others from quoting your image and enable or disable the image map feature mentioned above.

This is a great and easy way to get screenshot images to your blog. Plus, you get to choose to activate the links from the original page and place annotations. This is great if you are taking screenshots from websites that have image thumbnails or links that you want your readers to follow.

Sample Below ( Notice that the links in the image are active)

4 Comments on “[Kwout]: Easy Screenshot and Annotation Service

  1. The features are very interesting for who want to make a gallery of his/her pics for example and it’s great about using with blog.

    p.s. thanks a lot for placing cats in the preview 🙂

  2. It’s one way to use it. Keeping the links active in the screen shot is also a way of providing more information about the image whether it is an image link or text link.

  3. I installed this (it wouldn’t install on my FF bar though, I think mine is too crowded :P)

    Anyway, the on page I wanted to copy part of, it wouldn’t let me scroll to where I needed the window to be.

    I have NoScript and Adblock also, do you think those might have interfered?

    I think it has wonderful potential, I just wish I could have used it last night as I was composing my last post.


  4. @Margaret: The bookmarklet makes it easier to grab a screenshot. It will redirect you immediately to the editor. If you are having problems with the bookmarklet, just check if your bookmarks toolbar is enabled in your Firefox. Or you can go directly to their site and paste the URL.

    I can’t say what went wrong on your part when it comes to selecting the portion of the page you want to cut(kwout) but I’m betting the noscript plugin will definitely have an effect. Try disabling it in tools/add-ons to check it out. You can enable it again if you wish to.

    Hope this helps. 😉

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