Juice: Content Recommendation Plugin for Firefox

Juice is a Firefox browser plugin that functions as a recommendation tool which will help you find related content immediately without searching other websites. This will enhance your browsing experience by using this very cool plugin. You can access the information right on your Firefox sidebar.

With Juice, you can drag text and media on your sidebar for you to use later. Embeddable media can be easily added to your Juice sidebar for later viewing. All you need to do is scroll over the media, wait for the “drag me” button to appear and click or just drag it a bit. You do not have to drag it all the way to the sidebar. The same procedure is also true for texts and images but with no “drag-me” button.

This is a great plugin for researchers and bloggers who wants to get related information quickly. Juice can save you a lot of time when doing research and looking for related web content about anything. The application is quite new and their recommendation engine still lacks knowledge. It will be up to the users so that Juice can continue to learn and deliver better related results.

Watch the Plugin in action below.

Blog Tip: You might also want to try the Zemanta recommendation tool for Firefox.

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