Jabbify: Unobtrusive Chat Plugin for Websites

There are lots of chat client widgets/plugins for blogs and websites. Most bloggers do not use chat widgets mainly because it reduces commenting on articles and it consumes sidebar space. For sites or blogs which offers a service or a product, a chat widget is a handy tool to have.

Jabbify offers a widget that you can place on your blogs/websites which will not consume space from your site. It can sit on the bottom part of the browser so that it will not interfere with your content or waste sidebar space. The user has the power to turn it off or pop it out in a different window. What I like about Jabbify is that a user can register his name and the URL of his/her site in the chat widget. The user’s name will link to the URL he/she entered and will be available in the conversations. This way, the owner and other visitors of the site can check out the participant’s respective blogs or sites. It’s pretty much like a comment system on blogs. The only difference is that Jabbify is live.

Setting up the plugin is very easy. You can either get the java script tag which works on any site or if you are using a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger, there is a quick how-to guide that will help you setup Jabbify easily on your blogs. After installing the plugin, all that’s left to do is to use your Jabbify to register your website.

If you are looking for an unobtrusive chat plugin for your blogs, Jabbify is worth a try. Just head over to their site and sign up.

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