Issuu: Web Based Embeddable PDF Reader

issuu-logo.gifIssuu is one of many webtools that you can use to embed your documents to your websites. What is interesting about this particular webtool is its ability to replicate the look and feel of a magazine. It will give you that somewhat real feeling of flipping a book or a magazine while scanning through the pages.

Sharing documents is made easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is upload your PDF file to Issuu and then you can start sharing / embedding documents for your friends and readers. This tool can also be useful for photo blogs and marketers. Photo bloggers can embed multiple photos without installing a gallery in their pages or populating their blogs with a large amount of photos which tends to slow down the page loading. Marketing sites that sell eBooks can make a few pages preview of their eBooks for their potential clients (it’s going to be like a teaser eBook). Aside from the two practical uses of Issuu that I have mentioned, other uses might be for storage purposes, sharing art collection, sketches, and brochures.

You can choose to easily add your Issuu document to FaceBook, MySpace, orkut, Blogger, Friendster, TypePad, LiveJournal, or you can choose the html embed if your favorite site is not listed above. Check below for the application of Issuu.

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