Get Your Blog Posts Featured on Top News Sites Through BlogBurst

BlogBurst is a web service owned by Pluck that takes content from blog sites and provides it to online news sites for republication. You can apply your blog to BlogBurst and when approved, your blog posts will be included in their list for submission to popular news sites like Reuters, Fox-News, USA Today and Internet Broadcasting.

BlogBurst will give bloggers an opportunity to gain more exposure and visitors in their respective blog sites. If an article gets republished in a News Site through BlogBurst, the owner of the blog will be credited for the article and will get a link to the blog site. Since BlogBurst gets paid for the content they publish to news sites, they also reward cash to top members. At the end of each quarter, Pluck will pay each blogger in the top 100 slots of their leaderboard. Those who generate the most page views get a chance to be rewarded for their performance in the BlogBurst network.

If you are interested in sharing your blog content to news sites and get more traffic to your own blogsite and maybe get rewarded for your hard work, all you have to do is register your blog to BlogBurst and provide them with a full text RSS feed of your blog. They removed the ads in my RSS feeds but kept the related reading links. Check out this link for the sample.

Tip: Include the “related links” in your RSS feed. The links will be included in the published article. This will give your other articles more exposure thus generating more traffic to your blog. There is also a good chance that you’ll get loyal readers in the process.

2 Comments on “Get Your Blog Posts Featured on Top News Sites Through BlogBurst

  1. Louie that’s wonderful! I knew your articles/content you write are fantastic and it’s good to see places like reuters think so too…great job 🙂

  2. Thanks Marie. It means a lot coming from you. I have been a member of BlogBurst for a couple of months now and I it surprised me to see that some of my posts made it to Reuters. 🙂 Never really paid to much attention to it. I just registered and left it alone. I figured that there’s nothing to lose and I might get some traffic to Orangeinks in return and it did.

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