Free WordPress Blog with Adsense from IdeaFry is a great free blog platform, the reason why most bloggers still prefer to use Blogspot as their free blog platform is mainly because of its monetization capabilities. The free blog prohibits the placement of ads. You have to acquire the hosted version from if you want to maximize the profits and fully customize your blog (Highly Recommended). The new blogging service that I’m going to introduce to you lets you use a free WordPress platform and make some money from Google ads.

IdeaFry is a free blog service which uses WordPress as its blogging platform. Registration is easy and like blogger, you will be given your own subdomain (e.g You can choose different free themes and customize them like you do in free WP blogs. If you choose to use IdeaFry as your new blog service, you can easily import content from other blogging platforms such as Typepad, Blogger,, LiveJournal and many others. The selling feature of IdeaFry is the Adsense integration. You can easily monetize your blog by placing your Adsense publisher key. Although that it would probably mean that you will be sharing your profits with IdeaFry (like in blogger) it’s still a great deal for a free service which “promises” a 99.9% uptime. IdeaFry is basically with a different domain and Adsense integration. (Still no javascripts)

IdeaFry will give you a free space of 10MB for uploaded files. This means that if you’re going to use the service, you should probably host your images elsewhere. I’m not sure if there is a bandwidth limit for using the service. It would be safe to assume that there is none, because if there is actually a bandwidth limit, then it would probably be better to stick to blogger.

If you are a blogger who enjoys using WordPress as your blog platform and want to equip it with Adsense, IdeaFry would be a great place to start.

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