Free Online Encyclopedia Britannica Access for Bloggers

Encyclopedia Britannica has been around for centuries. It has been the leading resource of cataloged information until the internet came along and Wikipedia was born.

They recently released a program called Britannica Webshare which let web publishers (bloggers) access Britannica information for free. The service which normally costs Seventy Dollars ($70) per year can now be accessed and linked to any by website approved by Britannica.

You can sign up for the free access by giving your URL and a description of your site. Britannica will then review the information that you have submitted and will grant or deny you access in their pages. Once approved, you will get exclusive access to the online encyclopedia and you can link to Britannica’s full version articles. Visitors clicking on your Britannica link gets access to the article but is not allowed to browse other Britannica pages. Users can also embed widgets like the one below. You can get the widgets here.

The Britannica information is invisible to the web meaning that they are not indexed by search engines. Only paying customers have exclusive access to the pages. So if you have a website or a blog and want to have free and exclusive access to Britannica information, just sign up and tell them a little something about your site.

Tip: Once you are a member, you can also get custom information from Encyclopedia Britannica in your Google search results. Results from Britannica will appear on your top searches once this is enabled.

4 Comments on “Free Online Encyclopedia Britannica Access for Bloggers

  1. Kevin: It is always good to have an additional source of information. 🙂

    Burst: The credibility of the site where you get your information from is always important. You are Welcome :).

    Yasin: Just click the Britannica Webshare link and it will redirect you to the registration page.

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