Exact Factor: Check your Search Engine Ranking

Exact Factor is a tool which allows you to automatically check your site’s keyword position on three search engines namely Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Instead of manually searching each search engine for your keyword position and hoping that your site will come out on top of the first page, you can use Exact Factor to find out which page or position your site is on the search result.

The tool is pretty simple and easy to use. Just place your domain/URL and type in a keyword you want to track and which search engine. Exact Factor will return the rank position of your site or page on the search engine(s) that you chose. Anything below the position 10 is pretty good. This means that your site included on the first page of the search result.

The tool is free to use and will only require you to register if you want multiple results and email notification for your keywords. You can also compare results with your competitors and see which one of you is on the lead when it comes to search result ranking. Exact factor also provides a count of how many of your pages are indexed by Google and Yahoo.

4 Comments on “Exact Factor: Check your Search Engine Ranking

  1. @WebbieGurl and ShortApps: It is pretty useful. Saves time checking Google for every keyword used to enter your website.

    @Stan: Your comment is far from lame. We’re all obsessed with our rankings whether we admit it or not. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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