eChirpy: 500 Character Limit Mini-Blog Site

echirpyIs Twitter’s 140 character limit not enough for you? Head over to eChirpy and you can get the luxury of posting 500 character long updates. It’s a mini blogging site that puts itself somewhere between a regular blog and a micro blogging service.

A SEARCHABLE miniBlog site, eChirpy is your companion to social media forums. If you want more than 140 characters, have a mini-posting, have a job or offer to shout out, or just don’t want a full blog, eChirpy is for you!

The service lets you update through your personal email. Your email will be turned into a mini blog entry on your eChirpy profile. The subject line of your email will be automatically sent out as a tweet on your Twitter account, along with a URL which will direct your Twitter followers to your 500 character miniBlog on eChirpy.

You can use their simple email addresses to send your Chirps to your profile and the five searchable categories.




Just For Fun:

Sports & entertainment: or

eChirpy is for people who doesn’t want a full blog but want to post more than 140 characters. If you’ve been using third party web apps that lets you post more than Twitter’s character limit and want to make mini blog posts without chopping your Tweets, then this might just do it for you. Oh, and it’s free.

echirpy mini blog

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