Cool Customizable Widgets for your Blog

Wowzio is a widget service that allows you to create different widgets that will suit your blog. You can choose to display a slideshow of your images, feed content, tag cloud and a photo gallery. Creating widgets using Wowzio surely eases things up for both tech and non tech bloggers plus they look really cool.

In order to create a widget, you just need to place the feed or blog URL and you will be halfway done. The widgets are automatically created and will primarily be set to “auto fit.” The user can edit the background,  colors, borders and also customize the size of the widget using their editor. Different forms of editing are allowed for different types of widgets while some are almost fixed with little editing freedom like the panoramic slide show widget.

Since most of the widgets in Wowzio are well designed for blogs which heavily uses images, you can use the service to showcase your Flickr photos in your blogs. Just place in your Flickr URL and there you have it, a widget that will display your photos in gallery, standard slideshow or panoramic slideshow.

If you are looking for a nice widget to enhance your blog or if you got tired of the feedjit livestats (The Live Activity widget looks a lot better), you might want to check out Wowzio.

9 Comments on “Cool Customizable Widgets for your Blog

  1. @Lvs: The cloud widget is pretty cool. Whenever you click a tag it will display posts related to those tags from within the widget. However, I think that it only gives results from your latest RSS feed and not from the entire site.

  2. Hey Orangish Agent I have put some of these widgets on my site…they are looking great…do check it out….but mr orange why arent you using any of them?

  3. @Fragileheart: LoL sorry bout your list getting longer.

    @lvs: Went over to your blog to check out your widgets. They look great! I really liked their slideshow widget but when I tried it with this blog, lets just say that it didn’t fit well. As you can see I use a lot of screen shots with text on them. It looked terrible in the widget. I’ll be using in on my personal blog though. It works great with Flickr by the way. I’m thinking of using the tag cloud but I still don’t know where to put it yet. This is a new theme and I’m not yet finished tinkering with it. 😉

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