Compare the Loading Speed of your Blog with Others

Timing the page load of your blog/site is important for optimization. You can test if there is an error in your site depending on how long it takes to load. You can also find out which widget installed in your site makes the loading slower. You can see it below your Firefox browser as your site loads. If a widget takes too long to load, chances are that its host is having problems. If it does not get resolved immediately and have been doing it for days, maybe it’s time for you to remove it.

WebSlug is a web service which helps you to measure the loading time of websites or blogs. You can do comparisons or test your site alone. There is also a list of fastest loading websites and the slowest. Unfortunately it does not give out detailed information on which part of your website loads the slowest of fastest. It would be great if it can dish out some stats to better optimize your site. That being said, it’s still a great tool for checking your sites loading time and compare it with others. This way, if your site takes too long to load, maybe you should think about optimizing your site by checking for errors and removing unnecessary widgets and plugins that makes your site crawl.

Tip: You can also use the FireBug Firefox extension to check your site for errors.

The information about WebSlug is contributed by one of our readers. Thanks to Kimble of GreenerDesktop for sharing WebSlug.

9 Comments on “Compare the Loading Speed of your Blog with Others

  1. @Rarst: I like’s design/template. It’s very minimal, few images and widget. Loads fast too.
    Even though that they use a fast connection, it’s still fair ’cause both sites being compared will be loaded using the same resources.

  2. @Varun: Just a tip: If you can try to load your content first before the sidebar, i suggest that you do so. The sidebar loads pretty slow and your content is last on the list. If one of your sidebar widgets freezes, there is a good chance that your content/articles will not load.

    @Kimble: Thanks for the added information. 🙂

  3. I would also recommend this online free tool:

    It measure loading speed of page and it’s requisites (images/js/css) like browsers do and shows nice detailed chart – so you can easily spot bottlenecks.

    Also very useful thing is that this tool is able to verify network quality of your server (packet loss level and ping delays).

  4. @Zuborg: It does provide a lot of data. Thanks for sharing Site-Perf to us. Much appreciated. 🙂 Orangeinks seems to load a lot faster in Site-Perf since it uses its own internet connection and browser and not mine.

  5. @Roger: LOL!!! Yeah yeah! So Orangeinks does load quite slow. I got Sezwho to blame for that plus I want you guys to get full posts on the front page which slows down the site even more. Do you think that I should change the layout?

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