CMF Ads: A Credit Based Advertising Network that Rocks


CMF Ads is a credit based advertising network slash social networking site started by three bloggers namely Turnip from Turnip of Power: Social Networking, Stan of Razzball (Fantasy Baseball) and Ben of Top Ten Blog Tips. They aim to provide a low cost advertising for bloggers while helping them sort out blogging problems.

The concept is very simple. Place the CMF ad widget on your blog and others will advertise. The widget features an ad sharing system which rotates adverts each time it is loaded. This is done to keep the ad costs down. For example, if a blog has a daily traffic of 5000 and five ads are running on the widget, each ad will receive a page impression of 1000 per day. If the ad cost for that site is 10 credits ($2.50) per month, then I must say it’s an awesome deal, even if the publisher accepts a few more ads.

You are allowed to place multiple ad spaces if he/she chooses to, for better ad performance. There is also an option for you to accept ads from non blog sites. You can set the ad price (minimum or 1 credit per month or $ 0.25) and use those credits to advertise on other blogs or sell them back to CMF for half the purchase price.

CMF has a great advertising concept (well, it’s not yet perfect but I have high hopes for the startup). They have very reputable standards, which other networks have been neglecting, in accepting publishers and advertisers. This means spam blogs has NO place in the CMF Network.


Features Breakdown

• Ad space sharing to keep the costs down – a typical ad costs 5 credits, or just $1.25, for 30 days.
• Set your own ad price for each of your sites – it must be at least 1 credit ($0.25).
• Advertising history – view the ads you placed on a site in the past, and how they performed (we display views, unique views and clicks for all ads).
• Publishers earn 100% of the credits for ads placed on their site – these credits can be used to advertise, or the credits can be sold back to us at 50% of the purchase price.
• Every credit in the system is paid for – we don’t artificially create credits based on blog activity – which means our economy is stable.
• If you have multiple sites, you can easily manage them without having to maintain multiple accounts or switch between the sites. Your balance is shared across all of your sites, and you can easily choose which site to advertise with via a drop down.
• Our blogging forums provide a central location for bloggers to exchange tips and get help.

If you’re looking for an advertising network and a great community of bloggers who are more than willing to help in expanding your reach, better check out CMF Ads.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to save page space and keep advertising costs down. This would be a great tool for people who operate more than one site, it will keep down the time they spend keeping the advertising tracked on each of the sites.

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