Check your IP Neighbors

Most self hosted blogs and websites are on shared IP hosting. This means that you are sharing an IP address or one machine with several other sites. If you would like to check you IP neighbors there are online tools which will allow you to do that.

AbouThiSite is one of those web services which give you information about a website. It will give you the usual general information like IP address, owner, daily visitors, pagerank and language used. AbouThiSite will also give you information about where the site is hosted and the location of the host including the country and city of the server. It even displays the longitude and latitude of the server the website is installed along with a map. It is totally unnecessary but it’s still good to know. The service can also be used to check if a website does not comply with W3C standards.

AbouThiSite displays in list the domains which are hosted with the website that you are checking out. You can see the list on the lower left corner of the page. On the right side will be a form in which you can preview the IP neighbors of the website.

9 Comments on “Check your IP Neighbors

  1. @Nukit: LOL! Me too. Makes me say something like “a-ha now I know.” Would you mind if you place a link here to your post? Just for added info. I’ll head over to your blog right now and check em out. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link, interesting site. But it doesn’t seem to get all of the domains. I have two domains on a shared plan, but when I enter one of my domain names, it doesn’t show the other in the list of my IP neighbors.

  3. @BenWaynet: Do they share the same hosting plan? If they are on different hosting plans then chances are each of them are located in different computers. If they share the same host then maybe the primary domain only gets listed. I really don’t have an exact answer to that. Thanks for bringing it up. I’ll ask around and hope that I get an answer for that.

  4. @Fragileheart: Aside from giving us bits of information about a website, it also gives a list of websites that shares the same machine/ip-add as ours. There were rumours before that sharing an IP -address with bad sites affect our site’s pagerank and other rankings. I believe Google cleared that up with a statement saying that they rank pages individually and shared IP’s does not affect it at all. It’s just interesting to know what sites I share my IP add/machine with. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the info, can I ask a question, how AbouThiSite find information about the General Information like : Owner, Language, Creation Days … of a website, where did they get that info ?

  6. @FragileHeart: No prob. 🙂

    @Mozilla: I think it is available once in your domain registrar. Once you registered a domain under your name it will become available to the pubic. When I registered my domain at Godaddy, it automatically shows up at ( you can also use to check for available domain names). You can however choose to hide your domain information from the public if you choose to but for a small fee. I found an option in Godaddy where you can purchase that kind of privacy. I hope that helps.

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