BlogVault: Instant Backup for your WordPress Blog

Maintaining a blog is not entirely easy. Checking for bugs, updating plugins, optimizing tables, scripts and constantly checking for new features is what a blogger who uses hosted WordPress as a blog platform normally does to maintain it. Then, there’s also the constant backup in case your blog suddenly crashes. Luckily there are plugins that we can use to easily backup WordPress blogs. One of those plugins is called BlogVault.

BlogVault is a service that creates a backup of your blog. What it does is it backs up all aspects of a WordPress blog including full posts, comments, pages, images, plugins, themes and styleshees (CSS). Most WordPress blog backup plugins will copy and backup your blog to your computer harddrive. What makes BlogVault different from those plugins is that it has a service that lets you backup your blog in their servers.

Why should you backup your blog?

Servers while generally robust do tend to fail occasionally. When this happens, often all the stored data is lost. As a blogger you do not want your effort to be lost when such a catastrophe occurs.

To take advantage of BlogVault, simply sign-up for an account, download the plugin and place it in the plugins folder of your hosted WordPress in your server. Once the plugin has been activated, you can immediately begin your backup process.

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