BlogBuzzer: Free Ping Service for Blogs

Pinging search engines and blog related websites is one way of getting your new article noticed. By sending a ping, you are telling search engines that you have e new entry and is requesting for them to index your new post/page.

BlogBuzzer is a free and easy to use service that will help you get that much needed ping in order to get your most recent posts noticed. What you need to do is head over to BlogBuzzer’s website and enter the name of your blog along with your blog URL. Upon clicking submit, your blog will automatically be buzzed to the most popular blog sites and directories.

When a ping is sent to your selected site(s) Blog Buzzer includes the name and location of your blog, once the destination site receives the ping your blog will be added to their queue for indexing and addition to the site.

BlogBuzzer’s free service will allow you to manually ping the search engines and blog directories. You need to go to the BlogBuzzer website in order to accomplish this and perform the ping everytime you release a new post. If you want to automatically ping them, you need to subscribe to their premium service for 9 bucks a year.

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