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There are quite a few services out there offering alternatives to our existing blog editors. Some you can do offline by using a desktop application and some you can do online through web services and browser plugins. I found two great blog editor alternatives that you can use for easier blogging and post management. Here’s the first one.


WriteToMyBlog is a free web based Blog client. It has an advanced word processor that allows you to Post Entries to your Blog remotely. The service is completely free with no membership required. It allows you to post entries to multiple blogs, view and edit recent Posts and it works with all major Blog platforms.

Some Features of WriteToMyBlog Include:

• Web based (online) Blog Client.
• Advanced word processor.
• No membership required. Completely free, no strings attached.
• Works with all major Blog programs and protocols.
• Can insert tables into your Posts.
• Can style and control text within your Posts.
• Can insert and wrap images into your Posts.
• Can insert layers and CSS within your Posts.
• Multi language Ajax spell checker.
• Include tags (Technorati) with your Posts.
• Can setup and Post to multiple Blog accounts.
• Can view, preview, edit (right from within WriteToMyBlog) and delete Posts.
• WriteToMyBlog does not view or store any of your posts or Blog account details; it simple acts as an interface gateway between you and your Blog program.

For Blogspot (Blogger) users: You can easily grant access to WriteToMyBlog in your Blogspot account to allow it to make posts for you. If you are using the classic Blogger version, you will have to enter your blogger username and password in order to use the service. Typepad and users also needs to perform these tasks.

Hosted WordPress users: You need to provide WriteToMyBlog with your username and password and a link to your account access URL. (e.g http://YOURBLOG/PATH/TO/xmlrpc.php). You can also use this procedure for Movable Type, DotClear, MetaWeblog API and Atom API.

I would suggest though that you do not give out your administrative password for hosted WordPress and other blog platforms. Instead create another user with a limited access to your blog. Placing the administrative password will put your blog at risk. I am not questioning WritToMyBlog’s security but it is better to be safe than hacked.

(To be continued…)

12 Comments on “Blog Editor Alternatives: WriteToMyBlog

  1. I started to use BlogDesk once, but never kept up with it. I host several wordpress blogs, but really only focus on one at the current time. So it’s pretty easy for me to go ahead and do my posting on the site itself.

    I can absolutely see the benefit to someone with more then one blog, but I struggle to see the benefit of this type of program to the blogger with only one blog.

    Good review, though – I’ll take a look at WritetoMyBlog and see whether it is something I can use!

    A. Caleb Hartley

  2. A. Caleb Hartley, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You have a good point about the benefit of WriteToMyBlog and other blog editors being of use to someone who have only one blog. Watch out for the continuation tomorrow and maybe you’ll like the next installment better. All I can say is that I won’t mind using it even if I have only one blog. Actually, I’m using it right now. Again thanks for the insight.

  3. Heya AgentOrange,
    I have to say that I have been looking for an alternative to writing directly in a self hosted wordpress installation for some time.

    Up until recently I have been using Windows Live Writer (freebie from MSN), and that has been doing me well, however for when I am on the road I might consider giving WriteToMyBlog a go. The big plus for me, the ability to insert tables LOL cant wait.

    Thanks for the awesome info.

  4. Stuart: Windows Live writer is also a useful editor for blogging. I hope you will find my two alternative blogging editor discoveries also useful.

    Bill: You’re welcome. Check out the second part. It get’s more interesting.

  5. I previously used Bloggar but gave uo as it was rather clunky! Iwill have a go withy this one but usually I use Open Office and simply copy/past my post… not the best I know!

  6. Roger: WriteToMyBlog have great formatting tools similar to document editors. I think you might find this quite useful as Nishada have.

    Nishadha: You’re welcome man.

  7. I tried this,although the formatting options are great adding the Blogspot blogs are beyond me. Have you added any Blogspot blogs with beta enabled ?

  8. Nishadha:I tested WriteToMyBlog in one of my blogspot blogs with beta. Just select the Blog service (blogger new version) add the email and click manage posts. You must be logged in to your blogger account in order to do this. A window will popup asking for authentication for WriteToMyBlog.You can manage blog posts and create new ones from there by selecting which account from WTMB. Hope this helps. 🙂

  9. Ya its working now , I was hoping that once it done the validation first no need to validate again like in scribefire , but with the added formatting option I think I will stick with this one.

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