Why My Defi Pet’s Failed World Boss Event is a Good Thing

Short description for those who do not know what MyDefiPet is. It’s a new online Pay to Earn game that where you get to level up pets and do all sorts of adventures and battles.

Recently, the team launched its very first event that is supposed to give its investors the chance to earn some of its native tokens (DPET). The mechanics is pretty simple. You just need to deploy your pet to battle a boss monster. No need for special skills or to do anything. Just watch and wait for your pet to do its thing and you’ll get your Dpet token.

The bad news is that its nearly impossible for you to login to the game. With the surge of players trying to login at the same time, the servers are crashing. The games take forever to load and authenticate your wallet. You’ll be considered lucky if you manage to get to the part where you can deploy your pet for battle. All you have to worry now is the continuous failed transactions from your wallet when deploying your pet.

Why is it a good thing?

The game is in its infancy. With the amount of people supporting the game and wanting to play it this early in development is never a bad thing. They get to stress test the game system and predict future outages. Growing pains are expected and veteran players are always understanding when in comes to trying out new games, as long as you keep them well compensated due to server problems and in game loses.

 It is up to the developers of the game to keep those players who are currently supporting MyDefiPet. If your game event went viral, expect server crashes. Prepare extra bandwidth and a respectable host that provides decent hardware. Most importantly, prepare for compensation, lots of compensation to keep those players from leaving. Give them free eggs or something if you’re thinking of in-game compensation or just hand out game tokens. Those players who believed and supported the game spent real money on gas fees just to get nothing in return.

MyDefiPet is still a promising NFT game that has the potential to compete with Axie Infinity as long as they can manage to keep the community. Remember that community equals value in the crypto world.

3 Comments on “Why My Defi Pet’s Failed World Boss Event is a Good Thing

  1. How is this a good thing? They overhyped the freaking event and did not deliver. A lot of people are furious that they can’t even get to join while being continuously charged with gas fees for failed transactions. DPET token price is dropping as I write this. This is the community showing its sentiment towards the project. I hope they fix this and give some sort of compensation.

  2. The failed transactions were apparently caused by Binance outage. It also caused traders millions of dollars because of this. They should have stopped the event sooner to prevent players from losing gas fee money.

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