Stunning Image of Planet Venus [Edit: The Sun] Photographed In One Place All Year

Just thought that you might wan to enjoy this image of the Planet Venus [Edit: the Sun] photographed all year from one location. This is a product of individual images merged together to produce this fantastic caption of the planet Venus [Edit: the Sun]  that shows the path it takes as seen from the Earth. As you can see, it somewhat patterns the infinity symbol. The summer solstice can be seen at the upper part of the infinity pattern, the winter solstice at the bottom, and the equinox happens where the lines cross.


Edit: Sorry for the mix-up. The photo is not of Planet Venus but of the Sun. The photo is actually an Analemma: a curve representing the changing angular offset of a celestial body (usually the Sun) from its mean position on the celestial sphere as viewed from another celestial body (usually the Earth). The term is used when the observed body appears, as seen from the viewing body, to move in a way that is repeated at regular intervals, such as once a year or once a day. The analemma is then a closed curve, which does not change. [ Wikipedia]

Thank you for the comments Sumtimreh and Gary Warner. Thanks for clarifying.

Photo Credit [Jesús Peláez]

4 Comments on “Stunning Image of Planet Venus [Edit: The Sun] Photographed In One Place All Year

  1. This is actually the SUN, not Venus. An Analemma is the phrase astronomers use to describe this phenomenon. The photo is taken at the same time every day for a year to complete the shape. Think about it. It isn’t dark in your photo. Venus, also called “the morning star” is one of the brightest objects in the NIGHT SKY, so bright in fact that it often is still visible in the predawn dusk of morning. The photo you show is much to “daytime” for it to be Venus.

    Venus is also WHITE.

    The angle of tilt in the photo is an afternoon analemma, if it was taken in the northern hemisphere, which is quite likely base on the spires.

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