Zap Reader: Increase Reading Speed by 300%

zap-reader-logoSo much to read in so little time? Try using Zap Reader. It’s an online tool that increases your reading speed by up to 300 percent without any loss in comprehension.


The web based reader is free and will not require you to download or install anything. There is also no sign up need in order to start reading. The initial setting is set to make you read 300 words per minute, one word at a time. You can manage the settings to your preference. Since the service requires no login or account sign-up, the settings will be written to a cookie on your computer. As long as you don’t delete your browser’s cookies, the settings will remain in effect. If you use Zap Reader on a different computer, the default settings will take effect so you might want to change them first.

Using the reader requires no special skill. Just copy the content from your document or favorite website and paste it on the Zap Reader text box and hit the “Zap it!” button. The text will play according to the settings that you configured.

Watch the 2 minute Zap Reader Tutorial

Zap Reader Tools

Zap reader can easily be integrated with blogs and browsers. Bloggers can place buttons on WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and other blog platforms allowing readers to speed-read the articles and increase productivity. The service also offers Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox users to make it easy for you to Zap Read certain websites.

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