Yuuguu: Collaboration Tool with Multiple IM and OS Support

Yuguu is an interesting service with an interesting name. The name was derived from a Japanese word for Fusion. It’s a collaboration tool which functions pretty much like your normal IM client. The client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux (currently 3 distros are supported) which will pretty much eliminate some OS compatibility issues.

Recognising the changing world of work, Yuuguu came about as a solution to help people work together remotely, through any firewall, across different platforms, with as many colleagues as needed, just as if they were sat right next to each other.

Yuuguu features the usual online meetings, web conference, audio conference and web collaboration. The remote desktop and support is that most useful feature of Yuuguu. Imagine not having compatibility issues with screen sharing or desktop sharing software. Whether you are a Mac, Windows or Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu or Suse) user, you can collaborate with each other using the application.

Another useful feature of Yuuguu is its multi-IM support. By integrating your other Instant Messenger (IM) contacts with Yuuguu – you can share your screen, chat and work together without your contacts having to change networks or sign up to Yuuguu. Yuuguu supports group sessions across multiple IM platforms, so several participants on different networks can easily chat and join the secure conference or screen share.

Yuuguu is free to use and you can work with up to 30 people at any one time. If you’re going to use the service with more than 30 people, you have to acquire a pro account. This is a great application if you are collaborating with people using different operating systems.

If you are looking for other collaboration tools, you might also want to try DabbleBoard or Twiddla.

2 Comments on “Yuuguu: Collaboration Tool with Multiple IM and OS Support

  1. That is cool! Yuuguu can overpass firewall? That is great and if can rn in many OS, even the better!

    Thanks for sharing this, indeed the name is so Japanese sounding and the design of the test (Yuuguu) is like a manga version of letters! ^^

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