Yarp: Create Simple Invitations and Surveys

yarpYarp makes it easy for anyone to create simple surveys and online invitations. All you need to do is create you yarp page or yarplet, whether it is for invitation or survey, is completely up to you. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best way to get a response from someone. The person receiving the invitation has no other choice of answer except yes or no.

Yarp can be useful to count the number of guests that is going to attend a scheduled event. The absence of “maybe” makes it easy for you to do the count. This is also true for simple surveys. You can immediately get the statistics that you are looking for without being affected by a third element. However, the user is also allowed to make a comment on your Yarp. But it can only be done after he/she have made a choice.

There’s a slight difference between the two main features of Yarp. The invite feature allows those you invite to specify a guest count. The survey feature just counts the number of answers that was gathered by the Yarplet you sent out.

A unique Yarp page is generated for you to send to your friends and family members. It would have been more appealing for me if it can generate an embed code for use on blogs or social pages but maybe keeping it simple as possible is what Yarp intends it to be.

Yarp does not require a login. Your yarplets are tracked via a browser cookie. To access your yarplets on another computer or to recover your yarplets after losing your cookies, please keep your private address in a safe place. We recommend emailing it to yourself. Do not share it with anyone.


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