Xobni: Email Organizer for Outlook Users

Xobni (Inbox spelled backwards) is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that helps you manage and organize your emails by utilizing existing Outlook features and creating an email-based social network within your email client. Bill Gates quoted Xobni as “The next generation of social networking.” The plugin features; quick e-mail searches, quick attachment discovery, automatic extraction of phone numbers, automatic schedule creator and email conversation threading. Check out the video demo below for a more detailed explanation on how Xobni works.

This is a new and interesting way of managing your emails if you are using Outlook (the most popular email client in the world). The plugin is currently available for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 and they are planning on releasing Xobni in other email clients and platforms. This is a great idea for Xobni to create an application/plugin to make Outlook users’ life a little easier. Think of the time that one can save by using this plugin. This will allow the users to be more productive and have easier time managing information in their emails.

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