VidTwitter: Watch Videos on Twitter Pages

vidtwitterVidTwitter is a Twitter app that lets you tweet videos that can be watched on Twitter pages. The app supports different video players. You can share YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion videos using VidTwitter. Gotta love apps that support video sites other than YouTube.

The app is pretty simple to use. Just head over to their site and place your Twitter username. Select which supported video service you are sharing and paste the video URL. It will create a tiny VidTwitter URL for you to share with your Twitter friends. Once they click on your link, the video will automatically load on the Twitter page of the sender. It would have been more convenient if you can watch the video without jumping to the page of the person who shared it. I guess its okay considering that the viewer can also have a glimpse of the other updates made by the person who shared the video.

If you love sharing videos on Twitter, better check out the service. If your favorite video sharing site is not supported, you can probably make a request or wait for them to become available. Or, you can follow @bubbleguru ,the creator of VidTwitter , on Twitter for further updates.


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