Use Your Digital Camera as a Scanner with Snapter

snapter-logoSnapter Ice is a Windows Software that converts snapshots into scanned documents. The image will be processed and will output an image as if it went through a scanner. You can use your digicam to scan business cards, documents, books and even white boards. The software automatically crops, stretches, flattens, and processes those pictures.

The interesting part of the software is that it can process images that are taken from an angle. This is made possible by the perspective correction feature of Snapter. The Curvature feature is great for scanning curved objects like books, magazines and notes.
You can also find tips on how to fully optimize the Snapter software for scanning using your digicam. There are tips like taking a photo of one object only and finger positions when holding the object you want scanned. There are also tips for the camera settings and the angle of shots you need to make for different types of objects.

Snapter Ice adds a great feature to your digicams. Instead of just taking snapshots, you can now use them to scan stuff. You can download the software for free under a 14 day trial period. After the trial period expires, you can expect to see the Snapter Watermarks on your processed images.


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