UnTweeps: Unfollow Twitter Users

untweepsUnTweeps is a simple Twitter tool that lets you find out the Tweeps or people on Twitter who have not posted any updates for quite some time. This is a great tool to weed out Twitter users that you are following whom no longer post updates for at least a month.

To use the tool, you have to login using your Twitter username and password. You can filter the stale Tweeps by choosing the number of days of inactivity. You can choose 30, 60 and 90 days depending on your preference. By clicking the List Stale Tweeps button, UnTweeps will display the Twitter users who have been inactive on the period that you’ve chosen. You don’t have to worry about un-following the wrong people. You will just be given a list of inactive users and still choose the people you want to keep following.

With the constant growth of Twitter and your connections, it’s getting harder and harder to monitor the inactive users. This certainly makes it easier for you to sever the connection with inactive users if you take it quite seriously. I personally don’t unfollow people who are inactive for just more than a month. If you feel that you are wasting a “follow” due to inactivity, then this tool is for you.

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