Typit: Type Foreign Characters/Letters Online

Do you need to type foreign characters online but you only have a US keyboard? In Typit you can type foreign letters, diacritics, accent marks and other strange looking characters.

Typit will eliminate the need to do the following things that you used to do when you need to type a badly needed special or foreign character:

• memorize unintuitive keyboard “shortcuts” such as Alt+0128

• go letter-hunting with the Character Map in Windows or Word

• install Windows keyboard layouts which have the nasty side effect of interfering with your ability to type normal letters

• buy and install third-party text input software

• or worse ignore the special characters

The service uses Unicode and Javascript to make your foreign character hunting so much easier. You can just navigate to this site, type whatever you need to type in a text box, and then paste it wherever you need it — into your word processor, e-mail message, etc. You can type foreign characters by clicking buttons or by pressing intuitive keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Letter) that don’t require you to grow additional fingers and don’t block normal letters.

Here are some of the features of Typit

• Full keyboard support for IE 6/7/8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome

• Switch between character sets while typing

• Boldface, italics, underline and superscript in all editors

• Choose font face and size

The next time you are in need of a special character, don’t waste your time hunting for it in Microsoft Word. Just head over to Typit and start your search there.

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