Touchoo: iPad App for Children

Ever since the official announcement for the production of the Apple iPad, developers have been very busy creating different applications for Apple’s newest toy. Touchoo is one of those applications that are built for the iPad. It is a company that is geared towards publishing quality interactive book apps for toddlers and children. They aim to combine the beauty in traditional children’s books with the intuitiveness and flexibility of touch screen technology.

Books allow all of us, grown-ups and children alike, to fantasize and use our imagination. Our vision is to help create a new age of children’s books, that cherishes what children have enjoyed for ages, without ignoring the unique opportunities available to this generation: a generation that will use new technology to develop themselves as individuals, and, no doubt, will change the world in ways that none of us can even imagine!

With the input of a select group of writers, illustrators, animators and programmers, Touchoo creates apps that stimulate the child on many developmental levels: emotional, mental, educational, and social – all strictly age appropriate. Each of their books explores a different developmental stage and is written to help the child learn a new skill while reading and playing. To ensure that the books they publish are perfectly suited to the needs and abilities of the young ones – in content, functionality and appearance – all Touchoo book-apps™ are made under supervision of a developmental psychologist.

The next time you search for an iPad app on iTunes for your kids, do check out Touchoo for an interactive and touch screen learning experience.

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  1. Thanks for this great article!
    We’re very excited to announce that our next storybook-app, Thumbelina, will be coming out in a few weeks! It’s a wonlderful adaptation of the classic Andersen fairy tale, with some great features that are indeed taking advantage of the touchscreen’s possibilities, beautiful illustrations and text in several languages.
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