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TinyChat: Easiest Way to Create a Simple Chatroom

tinychatHaving trouble making a good conversation on Twitter with its 140 text limit? Tweet them a TinyChat. It’s a chat application that lets you create a chat room in just a few clicks. No login required. Just make them like you make TinyUrls.

TinyChat creates a simple chat room for you. You can share the chatroom URL or embed it to your website. I’m just not sure on how long the created chat room will last but it’s great for those long public conversations with a bunch of people. If you’re not yet ready to hand out your IM to people you just met online, this might probably do the trick for you.


Come chat with me!

You can place a TinyChat badge on your websites (like the one above). It displays the number of people in the chatroom.

*Forum codes are also available

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One comment on “TinyChat: Easiest Way to Create a Simple Chatroom
  1. Nate says:

    I don’t know if I would trust that. I have been using http://officechatroom.blogspot.com/ at work for a while now and it suffices. I may be tempted to try this.

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