The TinyURL Preview Feature

As many of you already knew, TinyURL is a website that converts long URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator) into short ones which makes posting URL’s more convenient for the sender and recipient. Aside form effectively making extremely long URL’s short, what is great about this particular tool is that the created “tiny” URL will never expire. This means that you can keep archives or post it in websites and blogs without having to worry about your created tiny URL to cease functioning.

Another use of this service is the ability to hide the true objective of the URL that you are sending. You can easily surprise anyone with a website using this service. With all good things having its bad side, TinyURL can also be used to trick people in viewing embarrassing, annoying (Rick Roll Videos and the likes) and NSFW (not safe for work) materials which could get someone in trouble or cause a heart attack. The result of this is that people will become hesitant in clicking a TinyURL generated links.

The preview feature will allow users to take a peek on what is hiding behind the TinyURL generated link and what site does it link to or what kind of media (video, image, docs, etc). To enable this feature, just head over to the TinyURL website and look for the preview feature on the left sidebar and click the enable feature link (or head over to this link). Once this is enabled, every TinyURL link you click will redirect you first to the TinyURL website and give you an idea on what kind of site you are visiting. For this feature to work, your browser’s cookies must be enabled. This will allow your browser to remember that it should preview the URL coming from TinyURL first before jumping right into the link.

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  1. Good question Remi. 🙂 There was an incident before where TinyURL experienced hours of downtime. The result was countless broken TinyURL generated links.It will have the same effect if TinyURL goes out of business and permanently shuts down.

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