TextSave: Quick Online Text Publishing

text saveTextSave is probably the easiest way to publish text content online. It serves as an online clipboard that you can use to save and distribute whatever you wish as long as it is in text form. This simple service will not require to sign-up or register for an account. It is a free service that you can use as soon as you land on the main page.

Using this single function website only takes a couple of seconds of your time. Simply paste the text, hit the save button and that’s it. Your text content will be given its own unique TextSave URL for you to share with everyone. There’s no quick share links, save to twitter and facebook buttons. It’s Just a straightforward service that loads and works fast.

TextSave is simple, fast and it works. If you are in need of a service where you can publish your text documents try it out. You can use it to save codes, poems, song lyrics, and any other text content you can think of. Just don’t forget to save the URL for your saved text for it does not have a search form that you can use.

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