StreamDrag: YouTube Minus the Tube Music Streaming

StreamDrag is a simple service that you can use to stream music from YouTube videos, that is if you don’t want to watch the video that comes with the music. You can search for songs like you normally do by typing the song title or artist’s name.

First, I thought that it’s a service that just filters the video part which will let you just listen to audios, which means that you can listen to audios of any uploaded videos in YouTube. Well, it turned out that they also filtered the non-musical videos in YouTube and syndicated all the videos containing music for streaming.

You can save songs in their playlist but they only last until you reload the site. This means that the playlist is pretty much useless as of this moment. The streaming could use some speed, knowing that it streams only the audio. It seems that the streaming speed is just as fast as the original YouTube version with video.

StreamDrag is quite an interesting service and has a potential to be a good one. Proper implementation of the playlist and a bit more streaming speed would definitely be a great improvement. Syndicating music from other video services other than YouTube would also be a great idea. I don’t know if StreamDrag is worth watching out for. The service is practically in its alpha stages.

2 Comments on “StreamDrag: YouTube Minus the Tube Music Streaming

  1. That’s pretty neat, but I wonder if YouTube service is iffy (it does for me from time to time but apparently for no one else), and the videos won’t play… I wonder how this will be affected?

  2. You have a point there. Are those the videos that when viewed, it appeared as though they were streaming but cannot be played? The stream bar gets disabled. Whenever that happens, I try using another browser. Sometimes it fixes the problem but there are stubborn videos that just won’t play. Using Opera or Chrome usually fixes the problem. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know how those kind of videos will affect this particular tool.

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