SpringPad: Online Management Notebooks

SpringPad is an online management tool that you can use to manage your life online and offline. You can use your springpad to keep track of notes, photos, maps, to-do lists, contacts, appointments and more in the form of online notebooks.

This spring pad packs a lot of simple and user-friendly features. On the toolbar, you can add simple notes, lists, events and alarm (which will notify you by email). Quick list and task generators to help you quickly produce shopping lists, recipe notes, contacts, maps and many others are also available for you in just a click.

Managing your notebooks is as easy as dragging them to your SpringPad folders. Like in other online management sites, you are provided with a personal organizer which pretty much functions like the others. What makes SpringPad useful is the simplicity of its tools which you can select from their wide range of pre-made management tools/widgets which makes your life even easier. The sharing feature allows you to share your SpringPad notes via a link or html link code. It would have been great if you can embed a note widget to websites/blogs.

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