Splicd: Direct to the Point YouTube

There are times that you just want to share a portion of a YouTube video rather than putting your friends through minutes of irrelevant video. Splicd can be a useful tool for sharing a portion of a YouTube video.

To splice a video, just enter the YouTube video URL in Splicd and set which part of the video you want to share by placing the playback time of the video. A custom URL of your SplicD video will be generated for you to share with your friends. It would have been great if it allows us to embed the spliced video but that would mean hosting the videos on their servers or probably generate a hacked code to show the portion of the video we want to share.

Splicd is free and you do not need to register to use the service. It’s a simple but useful tool for people who wish to omit portions of YouTube videos.

7 Comments on “Splicd: Direct to the Point YouTube

  1. @Beau71: I really don’t know when it became available. It’s pretty much in beta. I agree with you, we could have used a tool like this years ago. 🙂

    @FragileHeart: We’re you talking about the Photoshop video? I think it could use some splicing. 😉 LOL

    @Carol: I really would like to see an embed feature for this. It could be very useful for embedding portions of videos that are relevant to your post or blog.

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